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Thing #11 Week 5 Web 2.0 Award Winner September 29, 2009

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My choice for an award winning Web 2.0 app is Google Docs.

I’ve taken the leap into Google Docs.  I did a trial run with this app awhile ago, but didn’t really have a genuine use for it at the time.  Now, with major server issues in my school, just this past week, I’ve started showing this app to students, while also learning the basics of it myself.  Google Docs alleviates some problems and issues of file formatting, forgetting attachments, and full e-mail inbox troubles and makes saving, uploading and file sharing more seamless and reliable.

Some of the features that I like include:

  • Can save files in various formats
  • Headers and footers available
  • Dictionary
  • Equation editor
  • Translation feature
  • Ability to insert images and tables
  • Print preview
  • Can upload, save, and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • Has a huge variety of templates (finance management, resumes, calendars, research papers, invoices, family tree, etc.)
  • It’s free
  • It’s easily accessible with a Google Account

I see Google Docs as a great application for group work, study groups, scheduling shared assignments, typing notes from a conference or keeping minutes of meetings.  The sharing feature is excellent.


Week 5 Thing #10 Image Generators September 28, 2009

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Had some fun creating a “wanted” poster via ImageChef.  This site was easy to navigate and had lots of options.  It was also easy to upload photos to my blog.  This image generator site seemed to be a bit more “kid friendly” in terms of the photo choices and options.


Thing #9 Educator Blogs September 23, 2009

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Educator Blogs

OK, so there are a gazillion blogs to choose from.  The feed finding services that I tried (Feedster & Technorati) directed me to relevant choices, but the sheer number of choices was overwhelming.  So I’m sticking to blogs that are library/info. literacy related or have a high  enjoyment factor.

The Edublogs award list was useful.  I found Doug Johnson’s blog “Blue Skunk Blog” which is a recent award winner.  I enjoy his articles in professional journals for their humor and straightforward approach to technology and library issues:

I also added the Common Craft blog to my Google reader:

I found a list of the 100 Best Blogs for Library Science Students, and for those of us in LS 502, there are a few cataloging blogs which might be useful to us!

And the link to the 10 Best Blogs for Librarians of the Future is great:


Week 4 Thing #8 RSS Feeds September 22, 2009

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I set up an account in Google Reader.

The feeds I’m receiving:

Library Journal/School Library Journal



Library Stuff

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Rachel Maddow

Bill Maher Tweets

I’m also following 2 blogs:

My family’s Christmas blog which we’ve been doing every year to keep everyone up-to-date with Christmas Shopping Wish Lists, and my favorite YA Lit blog, Bookshelves of Doom.

I plan to include followings for blogs done for this class.  I’ll subscribe tonight.

I like the idea of consolidating a lot of in-coming information.  Whether I’ll actually tap into my feeds on a regular basis, that is yet to be determined.  I am definitely looking forward to keeping up with other people’s blogs, and RSS feeds seem like the best mechanism for doing this.


Old reading chairs–Thing #5 September 21, 2009

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Old reading chairs

Originally uploaded by Aimzel

New library reading chairs desperately needed!!


Week 3 Mashups/Tapped In September 20, 2009

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I was happy to attend the TappedIn session on Wednesday.  Finding and making connections with my cohort peers this semester is something I look forward to.

There were a ton of great “mashup” applications mentioned during the session.  Mashups are applications that use and combine several apps at once.  Google maps is a popular example.

On my list of mashups to try this week are:

Smile Box

Animoto  for Educators

Flickr Toys



Thing #7 Technology–Gotta Have It September 19, 2009

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My school  has experienced major technical difficulties this week.

Just outside of the High School, the town has been rebuilding a sidewalk and bike path.  On Thursday, the entire network went down.  The technology “big wigs” are thinking that a fiber optic cable was damaged during the construction, so for two days the entire school has been without e-mail, access to PowerSchool (for grades, attendance and class schedules), the networked printers won’t print, student log-ins won’t work, etc. This is a prime example of how dependent we are on technology.

A teacher asked for a road atlas because she wanted to get somewhere and couldn’t get on MapQuest.  The students have been using encyclopedias and print copies of Time Magazine this week for research.  It’s been almost surreal…like a time warp. There has been a lot of hemming and hawwwing about the network being down, but going “old school” for a couple of days is refreshing.  I do miss my Twitter feeds and my ListServ updates though!

Lack of access to the network didn’t dampen my student’s abilities to send text messages though!