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Readings Post December 8, 2009

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Reading Reflection

Shelly Ch. 7

Evaluating Technology

One of the best resources I’ve found for providing useful evaluations of technology is through conferences and workshops.  Having the opportunity to trial technology tools and have colleagues provide personal accounts of the pros and cons if much more helpful than reading FAQs on a website or browsing catalogs.  Practical experience with technology in a classroom or library setting is exceptionally helpful in providing important feedback and perspective.

The listserve, MELIBS, that I subscribe to is also a helpful avenue for asking questions and opinions about technology in libraries.  The Shelly text recommends the EDTECH discussion list, which I haven’t tried before, but plan to.

The Shelly text (Ch. 7) lists several avenues for getting help with evaluating technology:

Professional organizations (state, local, regional, national, international)


Colleague recommendations

Published reviews


The Web

School districts and State departments

The Shelly text also highlights several sample rubrics for evaluation software as well as rubrics and checklists for both students and teachers to use in their lesson plans.  There are so many useful resources in this textbook that I wish we’d had more time to devote to some of these curriculum connections.

Shelly p. 444 also provides an Assistive Technology Tip sheet that is a good starting point for some of the content we’ve covered in the AT blog.


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