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Assistive Technology Final Thoughts December 14, 2009

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After spending the last few weeks reading and reviewing many assistive technology websites and articles, I realized just how important web access can be for families dealing with disabilities.  No longer are people shut off from the world around them, most importantly, the world of information.  Of course, getting the wrong or misleading information can definitely be detrimental, but the Web has opened up many options and opportunities for researching about disabilities and finding tools and strategies that can be useful.  Reading blogs written by parents of disabled students brought to light many of the day-to-day living issues that these parents and children face.  The blogs also highlighted some of the success stories of what technology has done to give children greater independence and greater quality of life.

The following websites share some of the tools, resources, and personal stories of the positive impact AT can have:

For schools/individuals using Apple computers and Apple devices, the following website outlines Apple’s AT features

Summary of operating system features for people with disabilities:

Web Resources for AT in the Classroom

Learning Disability Resources

Assistive Technology Blog

No Limits to Learning Blog

This AT project has been an insightful project that touches on a variety of issues in school and public libraries and I think it is critical for librarians to be aware and knowledgeable about the learning, living, and entertainment needs of all patrons, including those with special needs.


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